reveal1 [ri vēl′]
[ME revelen < OFr reveler < L revelare, lit., to draw back the veil < re-, back + velum,VEIL]
1. to make known (something hidden or kept secret); disclose; divulge
2. to expose to view; show; exhibit; display
3. Theol. to make known by supernatural or divine means
SYN.- REVEAL1 implies a making known of something hidden or secret, as if by drawing back a veil [to reveal one's identity ]; DISCLOSE suggests a laying open, as to inspection, of what has previously been concealed [she refuses to disclose her intentions ]; DIVULGE suggests that what has been disclosed should properly have been kept secret or private [do not divulge the contents of this letter ]; TELL1 may also imply a breach of confidence [kiss and tell] but more commonly suggests the making known of necessary or requested information [tell me what to do ]; BETRAY implies either faithlessness in divulging something [betrayed by an informer ] or inadvertence in revealing something [his blush betrayed embarrassment ] -ANT. CONCEAL, HIDE1
reveal2 [ri vēl′]
[< ME revalen, to bring down < MFr revaler < re-, back + avaler, to lower < aval, downward < à (L ad, to) + val,VALE1]
1. that part of the side of an opening for a window or door which is between the outer edge of the opening and the frame of the window or door
2. the entire side of such an opening; jamb

English World dictionary. . 2014.

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